The Ultimate Guide to Moalboal Canyoneering- Cebu

moalboal canyoneering cebu
I mean how can you not smile from ear to ear with water like this!


Its one in the afternoon and we have just spent the last 20 hours in transit from Bali to Cebu. Yes, 20 hours because that’s how you save money on flights. HA! We weren’t done yet however, we still had a three-hour bus ride to Moalboal and then to Algeria where we were staying. 

Exhausted and just ready to go to sleep, we found ourselves chatting with a local on the bus. He ended up offering us a canyoneering trip through beautiful Badian for only 1000 Pesos!



Great question! Just to be clear, Moalboal canyoneering actually takes place in the Badian area and ends at Kawasan Falls. Let me tell you, this is the most fun you can have while visiting the Philippines. 

I had visited the Philippines two years ago and had went canyoneering and I couldn’t wait to take Thomas here. There is a stunning milky blue river that runs through the area of Badian. If you go canyoneering in Badian, you will spend your morning jumping off cliffs and taking rides down natural waterslides before you end up at the famous Kawasan Falls.  


moalboal canyoneering Cebu
The entry point to Badian Canyoneering.



As I mentioned earlier we found our guide on the bus ride from Cebu to Moalboal. Two years ago, a group of friends and I had also found our guide just by chatting with some locals on the street in Moalboal. Don’t be afraid to chat with the locals that hit you up on the side of the streets. They will end up having the most affordable tours. 

The first time I went canyoneering in Moalboal, we each paid 1500 Pesos per person or around $30 USD. This most recent trip, however, we managed to snag for only 1000 Pesos, or $20 USD. The only downfall with the shorter trip is it ended up being just a tiny bit shorter, but still awesome and a great option if you’re on a tighter budget like we were!


moalboal canyoneering cebu
Never, not cuddling with cute puppies! HA! I look like such a goof but oh well. 



Our guide was awesome he drove 45 minutes from Badian to our place to pick us up at 8 am. We wanted to go early to try and beat the crowds a little bit. We failed. There are always crowds but don’t worry its still the most epic day trip in the Philippines. We picked up some fried banana for breakfast and headed off to Badian. 

 Once you arrive in Badian for the canyoneering tour, your guide will get you sorted with the appropriate safety gear, a helmet, and lifejacket. The Moalboal canyoneering tour runs anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how long you spend at each spot and how many photos you take. 

HOT TIP– Do not try and bring any other camera than a GoPro. Because its a cliff jumping experience, you are bound to scratch or break any camera or phone you try and bring. 

There is a random spot in the middle of the tour to buy food and drinks so bring cash if you’re interested in that. Thomas and I bought a little thing of sticky rice and a bottle of water for around 50 Pesos. They are also selling grilled meat as well.

After having some water and rice, it was time for some more jumps, before finally ending our time at Kawasan Falls. 


moalboal canyoneering cebu
Beautiful waters in the canyon of Badian.


moalboal canyoneering cebu
Having a rest. Sorry for the blurry GoPro pics. :/



If you plan on doing Moalboal canyoneering through Badian, I recommend staying in Moalboal. Now it is a bit pricier if you want air conditioning and functioning WiFi. The good thing is you only need to stay for a few days. I recommend checking out MOALBOAL TROPICS. 



  • Wear strapped sandals or runners. It will feel much better on your feet.
  • Book your tour through a seemingly random local, it will save you a lot of money.
  • Do not try and do this on your own, you need a guide. Plus, it helps out the local economy and that’s always a plus!
  • Make sure you are booking the full tour and don’t pay more than 1500 Pesos.
  • Bring a small amount of cash if you think you might want snacks. 
  • If you want to have Kawasan Falls mostly to yourself, (its nearly impossible to have it completely to yourself) arrive when the sun comes up. We were there at around 7 am and it was still busy!


moalboal canyoneering cebu
How beautiful is Kawasan Falls! So grateful to have been able to visit this location again!


moalboal canyoneering cebu
Beautiful blue water. I wish they wouldn’t have built the slide, but it’s still amazing!


moalboal canyoneering cebu


moalboal canyoneering cebu
Happy as a clam.


moalboal canyoneering cebu


moalboal canyoneering cebu


I hope you enjoyed this post about Moalboal Canyoneering! If you’re looking for more fun things to do in Moalboal check out WHITE BEACH and the SARDINE RUN SNORKELING

All photos were taken on a variety of my TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS.