Sunrise at Bukit Selong- Lombok

bukit selong sunrise lombok


Bukit Selong is quite possibly the best place to watch the sunrise on Lombok. As the sun begins to rise over the mountains, it brings Mt. Rinjani into a beautiful pink light. Not to mention the beautiful fields that lie below the star lookout.



Now, whether you are staying in Senggigi or Kuta, this is going to be a mission. Bukit Selong is located in the north of Lombok and is around a two and a half to three-hour drive. If you plan on hiking Mt. Rinjani, I recommend visiting Bukit Selong either before or after your trip.

Thomas and I did not hike Mt. Rinjani as we were just not mentally or physically prepared for that so we decided to visit Bukit Selong from Senggigi. We had had a massive day just before that was around 5 hours on the motorbike to TIU KELEP WATERFALL, so we decided to hire a driver.

If you’re feeling super ambitious you can HIRE A MOTORBIKE, but that’s pretty insane. Your butt will not be happy. If you decide to hire a car for the day, you’re looking at around 800,000 Rupiah. Yes, I am well aware this is a lot but you will not regret it.


I have attached a map below of the exact location to Bukit Selong.



In order to make it to Bukit Selong for Sunrise, you will need to leave quite early. We left our accomidation in Sengiggi at 3:30 am! As I mentioned, its kind of mental to do that on a motorbike. We arrived just as it was getting light out at around 5:45 am and had a quick little hike up. 

Bukit Selong is absolutely stunning in every direction. In one view you have the beautiful mountains that glow as the sun begins to rise over the rice fields, and in the other Mt. Rinjani. This had to have been one of my favorite sunrises to date. It was truly incredible. I was running all over the place because I couldnt decide my favorite spot! 

Thomas and I spent around an hour at Bukit Selong, and as we came down, we were asked to pay the entrance fee of 10,000 Rupiah per person. I guess this goes to the super dodgy contruction of the star bases and tree house thing. HA! 

It was fully worth the early morning, and I highly recommend it. If you’re going to hire a driver, I really recommend making a day out of it and heading to some other waterfalls in the area, such as BENANG STOKEL, or SEDANG GILE WATERFALL


bukit selong sunrise lombok


bukit selong sunrise lombok
How beautiful are these mountains?


bukit selong sunrise lombok


bukit selong sunrise lombok
Mt. Rinjani in all her glory.


bukit selong sunrise lombok


bukit selong sunrise lombok



Lombok is quite large so what you’re planning on doing while visiting, will determine where you stay. If you plan on visiting waterfalls in the north and hiking Mt. Rinjani, you can stay either up north or in Senggigi at HOLIDAY RESORT LOMBOK, like we did. 

If you’re more looking for relaxing, and stunning beaches, I recommend staying in Kuta. Thomas and I stayed at KUTA BARU HOTEL and it was so lovely! 


I hope you enjoyed this post about sunrise at Bukit Selong in Lombok! If you did, remember sharing is caring! 

All images in this post were taken using a variety of my TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS! Go have a look to see exactly what I’m shooting with as well as some examples images!