How to Rent a Motorbike in SE Asia

how to rent a motorbike in se asia

If it is your first time traveling to SE Asia, you will quickly find out that driving a motorbike here is not for the faint of heart or beginners. I want to share my tips with you to help you not get ripped off, or worse, hurt. I have seen too many accidents, and have been in a small one myself so here are my tips to help you avoid that!


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Depending on what country you are in, is going to make a slight difference in the actual renting process. Some basics for every country are as follows:

  • Always take photos and videos of the bikes themselves before you leave the rental. I have heard several cases where they say there is a scratch where there wasn’t one, and they want $100 USD from you. So snap them photos, you can delete them later.
  • The longer you rent for the cheaper you can get the price, pretty basic.
  • Never take the first price they offer you, haggle a bit.
  • Always wear a helmet. 
  • You will be able to fuel up using the little stands you see on the side of the street. They are usually coming in used alcohol bottles. Price varies depending on the country but should be more than $2 USD per liter.



In both Thailand and Cambodia, I could never find a place that would let me rent without giving them my passport. Now I do NOT recommend this, however, I could not be bothered walking around all day looking for a place that would rent to me without one. If this is the case, try and rent a motorbike from your accommodation, or a larger place, that way it is a bit more trustworthy. I have not had any problems thus far. If you follow your gut and use your head, you should be able to avoid any sketchy places. You can also talk to other people that are there renting, or returning and see what they say.

In Thailand, you can expect to pay anywhere from 180 to 300 Baht per day, depending on how long you are renting for and how good you are at haggling.



Now Bali is great in that I have never had to give my passport to anyone for renting a motorbike. I really really like this. I almost always can rent from my accommodation, or if that fails, just by walking down the street, you will find a rental very quickly.

When renting in Bali, the typical cost per day is around 50,000 to 60,000 Rupiah per day and that is pretty standard. Fueling up will cost 10,000 Rupiah per day unless you’re out of gas and there is only one stand selling, then it will be more like 20,000 Rupiah. Supply and demand folks.

If you are planning on heading to Flores, they seem to only rent from morning until the night time, no overnight rentals. They are also a bit more pricey at 75,000 Rupiah per day.



The Philippines has got to be my favorite place to rent a motorbike! The drives seem to always be the most beautiful. Palm trees lining the roads and you drive along the ocean. Doesn’t get much better than that. If you plan on renting in The Philippines you can expect to pay around 300 pesos per day. They do like to hold onto an ID, doesn’t have to be your passport so it isn’t too big of a problem. The people in the Philippines are particularly nice and I have found, very trustworthy.



Just be prepared for absolute chaos but in an organized type of way. It’s good fun. Follow the flow of traffic and always keep moving, confidence is really the key here.

When you park your motorbike, you can put the helmet buckle in the seat, so the strap is inside the actual seat and the helmet is hanging on the side.

Also before leaving your motorbike, you can turn the motorbike, turn the handles all the way to the left, then push the key in and turn to the left and the handlebars will be locked.


I hope you found this post helpful and fun! Please share it with anyone you think may need a bit of advice! Thanks so much!