Malimbu Sunset Point in Senggigi- Lombok

 Malimbu Sunset Point Senggigi Lombok


Malimbu Sunset Point in Seggigi, Lombok, is hands down the best spot on the west side to watch the sunset. As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, you will see begin to see the outline of Mt. Agung on Bali.



Getting to Malimbu Sunset Point in Senggigi is actually quite simple. If you are doing any driving in the area, you have surely past it. It is in the town of Senggigi and is just on the main road. Thomas and I took out motorbike here almost every night during our 10-night stay in Senggigi.


I have attached a map below with the exact location.



When you arrive at Malimbu Sunset Point you can park your motorbike anywhere really and head off. One of the things I love so much about this spot is that it is free. A lot of places will charge you a parking or entrance fee, but not here!

It has a small dirt path lined with palm trees and cliffs on both sides of you. There is also a beautiful beach lined with palm trees just below.

If you’re looking to take some really beautiful photos without people in them, you will need to head all the way to the point. Thomas and I also noticed that everyone began to leave before the sun had even set, and we got the place mostly to ourselves.

When we were visiting there were hardly any clouds in the sky so we were delighted with a big ball of fire; it was stunning. Thomas and I hung out and took some photos of the beautiful sunset, and watched birds try and attack the drone. Malimbu Sunset Point is hands down the best spot in Senggigi to watch the sunset, I can’t recommend it enough! 


Malimbu Sunset Point Senggigi Lombok


Malimbu Sunset Point Senggigi Lombok


Malimbu Sunset Point Senggigi Lombok


Malimbu Sunset Point Senggigi Lombok


Malimbu Sunset Point Senggigi Lombok



Lombok is quite large so what you’re planning on doing while visiting, will determine where you stay. If you plan on visiting waterfalls in the north and hiking Mt. Rinjani, you can stay either up north or in Senggigi at HOLIDAY RESORT LOMBOK, like we did. 

If you’re more looking for relaxing, and stunning beaches, I recommend staying in Kuta. Thomas and I stayed at KUTA BARU HOTEL and it was so lovely! 


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