Kelingking Secret Point Beach- Nusa Penida

Kelingking Secret Point Beach is located off the coast of Nusa Penida and is quickly gaining popularity due to the resemble of a tyrannosaurus rex. I am sure you have seen images of this beautiful landscape floating around on social media, I know I have. So I hopped on a boat from mainland Bali and made my way over so that I could see it for myself.


Kelingking Secret Point Beach-01503
The hiking path down to the beach



There are several different ways to get to Kelingking Secret Beach on Nusa Penida. You can take a day trip from mainland Bali, then hire a driver for the day; however, I would not recommend this, as it is the most expensive and exhausting way of seeing the beach. You can also take a day trip from Nusa Lembongan or Ceningan, which I think is the most popular option, however, not the best.

The best way of visiting Kelingking Secret Beach will be to head over to Nusa Penida and spend a few days there. You can arrange a boat transfer at any of the tourist’s offices on Lembongan or on mainland Bali, and they will take you over. If you are on Lembongan it should cost around 10,000 Rupiah there and back. I highly recommend¬†THE LEMBONGAN TRAVELLER, they can sort you out with ferry transfers, accommodation, and tours around the islands.



Once you have made your way to Nusa Penida, you will want to rent a motorbike, as this is the best method of transportation on the island. CAUTION, the roads are an absolute wreck, not all of them, but to get to the main spots you will have to rough it over some gnarly bumps. I liked it, I really felt like I was on an adventure. Things did get a bit bloody for one of the members of our group, but he was alright. This place really is an adventurers dream. If you need advice on renting a motorbike in SE Asia click HERE.

I have attached a map below with the exact location to Kelingking Secret Point Beach below!




This place genuinely has my heart, from the hike, the viewpoint, and swimming in the clear blue waters, it is so lovely. If you go around 3 PM you find there are not too many people there as most of the day trippers have come and gone. For as much as I see this place on Instagram, I was expecting it to be a lot busier! If you hike up to the top of the stairs there is a nice little porch they have built up where you can get a very nice photo of you and the whole landscape.

You can also hike down to the bottom and go for a nice and refreshing swim. Jumping in the water felt like pure bliss after a long and hot day of adventuring! As we swam around, the waves grew bigger and bigger and I couldn’t believe it. Experiencing mother natures power like that was incredible, so much respect for the ocean!

After a long and refreshing swim, it was time for the hike up, short but so so steep. I did it barefoot and I would not recommend that HA! My feet were pretty tender the next day. We made it back up just in time for the sunset and watched as the sky lit up orange and pink.

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Kelingking Secret Point Beach-01503
Sunset at Kelingking Secret Point Beach


Kelingking Secret Point Beach-01439
Kelingking Secret Point Beach top lookout point.