DUBAI – Sand boarding in the Desert


Dubai is straight up crazy. In the middle of the desert there lies a bustling city built mainly off of the profits of oil trading. Just really blows my mind. Thomas and I went in the peak of summer when it was boiling hot, I could barely stand to be outside for more than 10 minutes, even at night. We were on our way back to Germany from Thailand and only had 3 days to spend there. Which in my opinion, is more than enough for the average traveller/budget. Of course, if you have some more to spend, there is a lot more to do.

Our first day we spent exploring the malls and city. Like I said, it was boiling hot so we didn’t want to spend so much time outside. We skipped on the Burj Khalifa as Thomas had already been up there, and I’m not so fond of man-made structures.

On the second day, we relaxed in the morning and headed out for the desert safari in the afternoon. We found a great deal with Royal Mirage Tourism, and they were so great. I believe we paid $30 USD per person and that included sand boarding, camel rides (which I don’t recommend), dune bashing, and an amazing dinner!

They picked us up right on time and had water for us the whole ride. They first took us to a place where you can go ride an ATV for a bit if you want, for an extra charge, of course, then we headed off. All four of the vehicles left at the same time, therefore if one got stuck, there would be another to pull them out. The dune bashing was first up and it’s crazy. At first, I was having fun, but as we continued on I started to feel more and iller as I hung on for my life. There were a couple stops for photos, which I was so grateful for, then we had a longer stop for sand boarding. I was still feeling so so sick, but the sand boarding looked way to fun, I had to get out and give it a go. Now I was wearing a dress, and no underwear, because well I just don’t wear them, and well I fell off the board I had so much sand EVERYWHERE. Too much info? Oh well.


After the sand boarding they did a stop at sunset and their were some camels all standing around in some fenced area. I don’t know, that part was kind of weird, nobody really knew what was going on. After that we headed to dinner.

Dinner was so good, we had a spot right next to the stage where we watched belly dances, and fire shows, all while eating delicious food. I tried to stay away from all the meat and there were still many options. It was overall such a fun trip to Dubai.

Yes Thomas is wearing both of our sunglasses! haha

On the last day we headed to Abu Dhabi to see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Now this was hands down thee most beautiful architecture I have ever seen. We were told to visit around 4:00 pm as the sun is at it’s best for photos. When you get there, women are required to be cover up, but the Mosque provides the proper attire. We walked around for a while, took some photos, and admired the architecture, and the Starbucks? haha.

It was genuinely such a great quick trip to Dubai.

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