Devil’s Tear on Nusa Lembongan

I can’t believe I have visited Bali three times and it is the first time I have been to Devil’s Tear on Nusa Lembongan.  While exploring the island we found several locations that would be amazing for sunset, but what makes this place so special is the shallow tide pools, and the reflections that occur while the sun is setting. All of these factors add up to a perfect sunset location.


Devil's Tear
An amazing sunset at Devil’s Tear tide pools. Image captured by Jackson Groves.


How to get to Devil’s Tear 

The great thing about Devil’s Tear is that it is located right next to Dream Beach, just 10 minutes away from the main port. Once you arrive at Dream Beach, you can drive to the right, and over the large dirt patches. You can park your motorbike wherever you like really and head off. 


Sunset at Devil’s Tear

When you arrive at Devil’s Tear head along the cliff edge and you will begin to see the tide pools. The magic really happens when the sun begins to set when you start to get the reflection off the shallow waters. If you get there while the sun is still high you may even be lucky enough to spot a sea turtle. It can get a bit busy but people tend to leave before that beautiful afterglow starts so just wait it out and that’s when you tend to get a really nice show! 


Devils Tear

Devils Tear

Devils Tear


Cliff jumping at Devil’s Tear 

Although I don’t usually love the idea of jumping off of cliffs into unknown waters, I would have actually considered this one as it is only about five meters. I didn’t have my runners with me so I wouldn’t have been able to get up with out slicing up my feet, but it did look like a ton of fun! Whenever you are dealing with the ocean, the phrase to remember is “if in doubt, don’t go out”. It is a rocky climb up so just be careful! 


Devils Tear
Image captured by Jerre Stead