A Complete Guide to Cambais Falls- Cebu

Cambais Falls Cebu


Cambais Falls is the best-kept secret in southern Cebu. Cambais Falls is a series of milky blue waterfalls and cliff jumps connected by wonky bamboo ladders, it is an adventures dream come true. In this guide, I will show you where to find Cambais Falls, what to expect once you arrive, as well as some photos to inspire your travels.



Cambais Falls is located south of KAWASAN FALLS, in the town of Alegria. Just a short 30-minute drive from Kawasan Falls, or one hour if you’re coming from Moalboal. Some of the roads on the way to Cambais Falls are a bit rocky but manageable. Once you arrive at the waterfall, you will see a small parking lot on the left side of the road and the trailhead is on the right.

When we arrived, there were three little boys that kindly offered to watch our motorbike for 10 Pesos,  because they said it was very dangerous! How brave they were. HA! They were totally cute so we kindly paid and made our way on the path to Cambais Falls.

I have attached a map below with the exact location to Cambais Falls.




After we paid the boys, we were on the path to the waterfall. Earlier in the day, I had left my slippers at a spot on the trail at Kawasan, thinking that I could trust humans, but someone ended up stealing them. I, in turn, had to go the rest of the day without shoes, and while the path to Cambais is easy, I would have much preferred to have shoes on. So, moral of the story here is make sure to wear sandals. HA!

The hike to the entrance of Cambais Falls is roughly 30 minutes but is no hike it all. It is a totally flat path and really accessible for everyone. Once you arrive at Cambais Falls, the entrance fee is 50 Pesos! Now, that isn’t even $1 USD, but they were charging more than Kawasan Falls.

Once you pay the fee, you’re free to go and explore! If you’re looking for Cambais Falls, the one that looks to me like a mushroom, then keep heading up and up. There will likely be nobody there. Otherwise, there is a rope swing at the first spot and several places to cliff jump.


Cambais Falls Cebu
Having a bit of a shower!



If you’re an adrenaline junkie like myself (well only sometimes) or my boyfriend, you will love Cambais Falls. There are so many spots to jump off the rocks into the beautiful milky blue water! The largest jump is at the very first spot. There is one cliff jump there that has got to be 10 meters! It looked terrifying, I didn’t do it.

There is also a second spot at the very top falls, this one has got to only be 4 meters or so, more my speed. Thomas and I took turns jumping off this one and taking photos!


Cambais Falls Cebu
You can see the little human in the red lifejacket.



There are several areas you can stay in southern Cebu, but after staying far out in Alegria, I really prefer to stay in Moalboal. There are like no places to eat or socialize with other travelers if you stay out in Algeria. For some reason, Moalboal is a bit more expensive and if you’re looking for air conditioning and WiFi you can expect pay around $30/ night. I recommend checking out MOALBOAL TROPICS.


Cambais Falls Cebu


Cambais Falls Cebu


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All photos were taken by Thomas or I using my TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS.