Bali Waterfalls- A One Day Guide

For those of you that don’t have a lot of time to go waterfall hunting this is going to be the best guide for you. I have arranged a one day itinerary to visit the best Bali waterfalls.

Bali is filled with so many beautiful waterfalls, it can be hard to choose which ones to visit when on a tight schedule. Some are very beautiful but way to busy, for me anyways (Tegenungan waterfall). However; there are others that are just as spectacular, but beat the crowds!

The Plan

If you want to have an epic, waterfall filled day, get a good nights rest before because it will be a long one. When Thomas and I went we had a bit extra cash to spare so we decided to hire a driver. We paid around $40 USD for the full day, so each around $20. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this however, as half the fun is driving the motorbike around and just having that freedom. If you want to learn how to rent a motorbike whilst traveling in SE Asia click here for more information.


You are going to want to start your day early, and head to Tibumana Waterfall. This is just a short ride from Ubud and is quickly gaining popularity. To beat the crowds, I would be there around sunrise or just after. That is a pretty good rule for beating the crowds basically anywhere you go.

Bali Waterfalls- Tibumana
Tibumana Falls

Next up is quite possibly the best of the Bali waterfalls. It is a bit of a drive from Tibumana but definitely worth it. There are two hikes down and we took the one that brought us past the rice fields. The other path will take you past the lookout spot you can see over the whole falls. Now it is a bit of a hike down and up so be prepared, also be prepared to get WET. This misty falls with have everything you have getting soaked. Thomas had a bit of a fall and managed to smash everything but the camera haha. Really amazing waterfall and definitely worth the long drive.

Bali Waterfalls- Sekempul Falls
Sekempul Falls
Bali Waterfalls- Sekempul rice fields
Rice fields on the way to Sekempul Falls

Now this is probably my favorite waterfall I’ve been to. Hardly even a hike down and you come up on this beautiful wall of water with lush, green vegetation growing and it is truly splendid. There is a nice area for you to go for a bit of a dip on those hot Bali days and just relax a bit. Genuinely so beautiful. Thomas and I did try to go to another fall but it ended up being a bit of trek in so we decided not to, but if you wanted to end your day at Tegenungan Waterfall, you would just have a short ride back to Ubud.

Bali Waterfalls- Bayumala Falls
Bayumala Falls